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Return-to-Work Program

The WSIB is here to help injured or ill people recover and get back to work after a workplace injury or illness and to help keep businesses running smoothly before an employee has fully returned to work. As jobs and workplaces are changing all the time, we continue to evolve our approaches to recovery and return-to-work services.

Our Return-to-Work Program offers quality services and builds customized return-to-work plans that are right for each person. Our programs aim to evolve and integrate our recovery and return-to-work services to drive better outcomes and improve the customer experience.

In response to the changing economy, workplaces, injuries and illnesses, we launched the 2019-2021 Return-to-Work and Recovery Services Strategy, which keeps the best current approaches and switches our focus from processes to outcomes. We want our customers to experience streamlined service and custom options that best suit their needs.

Our integrated plan aims to:

  1. Provide a people-centric experience

  2. Focus on the ‘at risk’ return-to-work and recovery claims

  3. Make the right decisions

  4. Offer quality services

  5. Develop and invest in an expert workforce

  6. Build strong networks and strategic partnerships