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2018 allowed lost-time claims by part of body

Similar to Schedule 1, the lower back is the most common type of injured part of the body from 2007 to 2016, however in 2017 and 2018 the most common injury was to multiple body parts.

In 2018, injuries to multiple body parts made up 16 per cent of allowed lost-time claims, followed by lower back (12 per cent), and body systems (11 per cent).

In 2018, women in Schedule 2 had the highest percentage of claims for four of the seven categories and people 50 to 54 years old represented the highest number of lost-time claims.

Sprains and strains were again the most common injury for most of these seven parts of the body. The most common type injuries involving people (bodily motion or condition).


2018 allowed lost-time claims by part of body

Schedule 2

2018 leading part of body characteristics

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