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By the Numbers: 2016 WSIB Statistical Report

Being the leading compensation board means striving for and delivering excellence for injured workers and employers. Changing the way we communicate information to Ontarians is a meaningful step toward this goal. By the Numbers: WSIB Statistical Report provides useful information for both the wider prevention system and individual workplaces. The contents of this annual report provide insight into what is happening in Ontario’s workplaces. It is intended to be a valuable resource for workers and employers as they continue the important work of making their workplaces safer and healthier. By the Numbers also helps fulfill our ongoing commitment to open and transparent data.

For the 2016 report, we have added a new focus chapter profiling both Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 employers by firm size, based on the number of full-time equivalent workers in these firms. This chapter compares small employers with fewer than 20 workers, medium sized employers with between 20 and 99 workers, and large employers with 100 or more workers as well as Schedule 2 firms.

In addition to making updates and adding new content, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the By the Numbers report. This year, we made additions to Report Builder, an interactive feature that lets users choose the information they need to build their own reports. For 2016, we have added fatalities data to Report Builder and reports can now also be filtered by rate group. In future years, we will keep working toward more open and transparent data, and we plan to continue expanding the Report Builder feature.

This year we redeveloped the By the Numbers website so that users can now interact with the charts and graphs. The new website is also accessible and readers can now download data and images in a variety of open, machine-readable formats, providing an enhanced By The Numbers experience.

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